Picaroon Announces Nation’s Challenge 4 Week Event

Picaroon Announces Nation’s Challenge 4 Week Event




Today Nice Technology, publishers of the naval battle MMORTS Picaroon, announced a nation versus nation 4 week event beginning today!


Picaroon is an unusual MMO that places players in a post apocalyptic world in which all that remains is scattered small islands amongst a massive unexplored ocean world. Players are tasked with building up their base on a starting island and then harnessing their resources to explore and conquer their surroundings in order to prepare for the epic endgame final battle for supremacy.



In the Nation’s Challenge, players are allowed to use the new alliance system to team up with other players from their real world home country. In this World War, players will be forced to recruit others from the real world to bolster their numbers beyond those of their enemy nations to achieve total victory.


Picaroon plans to give away very large doubloon rewards (the ingame cash shop currency) to the winning team as follows:

1st Place in winning alliance: 5,000

2nd Place in winning alliance: 3,000

3rd Place in winning alliance: 1,000

All competitors in the winning alliance that survive will also receive 300 doubloons.


If your nation hasn’t formed yet, a 1,000 doubloon reward is up for grabs for taking up the role as the leader of your country. It’s a nice change of pace to see a game publishing company being both creative and generous as this and OnRPG wishes all their competitors luck in the coming weeks!

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