Pirate Galaxy – Closed beta officially launched!

Leading European Publisher gamigo AG is happy to announce the start of the closed beta testing phase of the revolutionary browser game “Pirate Galaxy”. From now on up to 5000 players who register on www.pirategalaxy.com get gradually unlocked, allowing early access to the game. The Revolution of Browser-MMOGs With Pirate Galaxy publisher gamigo and developer Splitscreen Studios, will push the boundaries of what is possible in a web browser. The game uses a new, unique technology which allows advanced 3D graphics without the need to install client software to the computer.

Besides that, the game offers exciting gameplay and a huge Galaxy to explore. Players are able to travel to hundreds of different planets, visit space stations in orbit and fight
the dangers of their hazardous surfaces. In addition to a compelling story-line, there will be an unlimited amount of automatically generated quests, so space pilots will always
have some exciting adventures waiting for them.

Players won’t only have to watch out for other Space Pirates in the game, but for an evil alien race called MANTIS. This technological highly developed race attacked many of
mankind’s colonies and outposts. Only experienced squads of players will be able to fight the strong MANTIS-battleships and save the galaxy from these hideous aliens.

Servers are now open!
From today on, the first servers are commencing operation and a couple of hundred players are already unlocked, with more able to play every day. Everyone who wants to
join the beta-phase should register at www.pirategalaxy.com. Of course, Pirate Galaxy is completely free of charge and requires no monthly fee to play. “We are very happy about how the players responded to our Pirate Galaxy announcement”, says Elmar Kofler, Product Manager of Pirate Galaxy. “The game quickly became one of the most anticipated titles in the next g lineup. Now we are looking forward to the feeback of the players, which will help us to give the final touch to every aspect of the game and make decisions for upcoming features.” gamigo will use this testing phase to find and remove remaining bugs. Beyond that, gamigo will watch player’s comments and suggestions in the forum closely and consider
their opinions in the further development of the Pirate Galaxy.

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