Pirate Galaxy Final Launch

Gamigo is excited to announce the commercial launch of our latest game: Pirate Galaxy. This unique 3D action MMOG can be played entirely in your browser – you can support mankind in your epic battle against the MANTIS menace on practically any PC, no special software required! As with all other games in gamigo’s diverse and growing portfolio, Pirate Galaxy is completely free to play! No download or subscription costs! To play, all you need do is go to pirategalaxy.com, register and start your engines…
Become a Space Pirate
In the outer realms of our universe, humanity is plunged into a fierce battle against the MANTIS. The only person standing in the way of complete annihilation is you. You will be tasked with destroying enemy ships, harvesting power crystals and  discovering MANTIS blueprints to help both you and your species in the war effort. As the game progresses, you can upgrade your ship’s capabilities as well as give it a personal touch. The missions form a story that takes you on a truly fantastic odyssey across many worlds and star systems.
As you earn the right to upgrade and replace your ship, you still need to consider what kind of player you want to be… Some ships are faster, others are more manoeuvrable – of course you could always choose simple, brutish firepower. Your task will be to work out what is the best combination to survive on the battlefield. Each of these ships can be personalised in millions of ways – a multitude of designs and colour schemes, as well as some special equipment, can be bought from our item shop.
Even as we release the game, we’re already working on expanding gameplay. “Gemini”, a brand new star system is in development and will be released soon. We’re working on some exciting new adventures and carefully crafted planets; players that want to test this new system can go to pirate-galaxy-forum.gamigo.com/ for details on how to be part of the exciting next chapter of Pirate Galaxy a little early…
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