Pirate Galaxy goes Open Beta!

Leading European MMOG Publisher gamigo is happy to announce the official open beta phase start of the science-fiction 3D browser MMOG Pirate Galaxy.
Intense Spaceaction in the Browser
In Pirate Galaxy the player becomes a courageous space-pirate, who has the mission to
defend the weakened human colonies against the vicious MANTIS. To do so, there is no
need for a client installation; Pirate Galaxy is easily playable in the browser, without
having to take any cutbacks regarding the High Res 3D graphics.
During the closed beta phase Pirate Galaxy already gained thousands of amazed players,
who are ever since successfully defending the VEGA-system against the MANTIS.
Developer Splitscreen Studios reacted to the players’ suggestions and already added
some demanded features like direct keyboard controls for space-ships.
Furthermore the first stargate was opened recently, allowing players to travel to
ANTARES, another solar system full of unique planets, exciting missions as well as new
threats. In addition the "Clan Wars" system, which was introduced during the closed
beta, allows clans to battle against each other over planets and gain attractive
advantages for defending them.
Close Cooperation with the Fans
Now it’s time to open the tantalizing Galaxy for all players: with immediate effect, every
player who registers in the main menu of the game will be unlocked to participate in
exciting outer space adventures. Gamigo and Splitscreen Studios will spend their time
during the open beta phase on improving and adding new contents to Pirate Galaxy.
Players will have the chance to get a first glimpse at the item shop, while spending
provided in-game money on some of the special offers.
"We are very happy to make Pirate Galaxy available for all players" says Elmar Kofler,
Product Manager at gamigo. "Already during the closed beta we were able to realize a lot
of the players’ suggestions. Now we hope this synergetic working style will continue in
the open beta phase."
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