Planetside 1: Farewell to Arms


I learned a few absolutely fascinating things today.  The first being that Planetside 1, a PC First Person Shooter, was a lot older than I had thought. 2003? Really? And it’s just now going away? Now that’s longevity. It became free to play in 2014, and in 2012 Planetside 2 started up, having the games run side-by-side for quite a long while. I’ve done a few write ups on Planetside 2, and an interview with one of their people I do believe, sometime last year. One of the mainstays for SOE before they became Daybreak, Planetside as a series is pretty damn ambitious. And to see a shooter that has held its guns, if you’ll pardon the expression, for over a decade? That’s unheard of in this day and age, I think.

Planetside 1-2

Most of the time people just want their new fix, their new graphics and fancy new bullshit. But I am willing to bet there weren’t as many people playing PS1 as PS2 in the last couple years, kudos to Daybreak for keeping it up as long as they did. July 1st is the last day, and 4pm PT is the final hour. They have decided that it’s not technically or financially sound to keep it running, and who can blame them? I can’t imagine people paying to play it now, when they can just play Planetside 2, but man. It’s always hard to watch an online game meet its maker. I’m still a bit misty-eyed when I think of Final Fantasy XI’s last days. I hopped on for it, and said goodbye to my character, my friends, and my millions of gil that they could’ve given my Final Fantasy XIV character. No, I’m not bitter. While Planetside 1 is going the way of the Dodo, Planetside 2 is growing still! So if this is your first time looking at either game, maybe you should take a peek, yeah?

. . . As long as we don’t see in a few years, “Planetside 1: HD Remake: Deluxe Edition”, I won’t start going gray prematurely.

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