Player Feels Lucky to Have Named GameÂ’s Expansion

Player Feels Lucky to Have Named Game’s Expansion


Jever EverJest, a player of the Free-to-Play Martial Arts MMORPG, Dragon Oath, revealed that his suggestion for the game’s upcoming major expansion was the chosen one. His idea Age of Destiny was picked by the game’s publisher, and he was very excited to know that he contributed to changing the face of gaming. 
The Dragon Oath team recently announced that they were looking for some cool name ideas for their recent expansion. The expansion includes some very exciting content such as highly sought after new areas, extremely powerful weapons, unique pets, and access to several new events. After getting hundreds of submissions from very enthusiastic players, Jever EverJest’s was selected: Dragon Oath: Age of Destiny! 
“It just seemed to fit, given the content that [is being] implemented in game, the opening of this content fulfills a destiny most players are waiting for,” he said.

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Jever EverJest has been playing Dragon Oath since the end of Nov 09 – right after Open Beta began. “I was looking for a game to play and I came across an ad for D.O. on Facebook and I have been hooked ever since,” he said.
“This game has the most content I have seen in a MMO – the quest systems/pets/breeding/crafting/casting/sewing – it all reminds me of a MMO I used to play – which is most likely why I am hooked on it — the other MMO was Ultima Online, which I played for over 15yrs,” he said.
Jever EverJest has made an everlasting contribution to a game he loves playing, and you can too. Every player can make a difference!

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