Pokemon Go: Johto Update!


Okay guys, any of you still play Pokemon Go? Anyone? I mean, I haven’t in months, but you know. I might, one day! Honest! This is the biggest update yet, the one people have been waiting for since the game first released. After all, Pokemon fans can never have enough. We had a fair amount of the Gen 1 Pokemon, but what did people do? Bay for Mewtwo/Mew! Where are the Legendary Birds? Why can’t I have Johto/Sinnoh Pokemon?  And while sure, some people will never be happy, I know tons of people who still play every single day! To them I say, Kudos, you’re about to be rewarded for your loyalty! Maybe it’ll bring people back, I think it probably will draw at least a few people back. If I can find room on my phone, I might! But. . . What exactly comes in this so-called “Biggest Update Ever” for Pokemon Go? I’m glad you asked, because I’ve got the details! If you want the complete patch notes, click here. Or you can just read my notes, because they’re probably better anyway.  These are my favorite bits:

  • New Pokemon: Hot damn, more Pokemon! More than 80 of the Johto Pokedex are coming! Pokemon that appeared in Gold/Silver, and some Gender-Exclusive variants too! Of course they don’t list the full group, but I’m sure there will be some real badasses there. Evolutions, too, huzzah! There are some new Evolution items at stops, and even some of the Kanto Pokemon that didn’t have evolutions will have them in this update! Lots going on here!
  • New Gameplay: Nothing major as far as I’m aware, but it’s neat that they’re updating the UI at the very least. Pokemon will react in new ways in battle, and there are new “item carousels” as they call them, for Berries/Pokeballs to get at them faster/easier. I wonder if it’s going to be more than just “throw Pokeball, Pokemon dodges runs away”, because that was something that really started to make my fucking teeth itch.
  • Wardrobe Update: One of the things that annoyed me the most [which may be silly, but I don’t care!], was the lack of clothing options. Everyone looked the same, with a few different colors due to their faction, which makes me think of gang warfare if nothing else. . . But there will be loads more clothing options coming to Pokemon Go!

This is a big one, and I’m actually a bit more excited about it! The more I write and think about it, the more I wish I got out more often! That’s the thing that killed the game for me: I live in the middle of nowhere basically, and the closest stop to me is about a ten/fifteen minute drive. It just wasn’t worth it. I essentially have to drive to the Beach to really catch Pokemon in peace.  Maybe it’s better now. . . I’ll have to reinstall and find out how my neighborhood looks now. Perhaps I’ll write about my further Pokemon adventures!  Are you guys excited? Do you still play?


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