Potential Additions to MVC: Infinite

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Next year, hopefully early-to-mid 2017, we’ll be able to play Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite, a 2v2 fighter which should definitely go back to the roots of what made MVC great. None of this 50/50 TAC Infinite Combo bullshit that plagued MVC3. I don’t care if you were good at it or not, it was shit. I can do it, but that doesn’t make it fun. But who is going to be in the game? So far we have Megaman X, Ryu, Iron Man, Captain Marvel [Carol Danvers], Morrigan and Captain America confirmed. But what are some other potential picks? There are characters that we can probably write out entirely. RE: The entire Mutant cast. Maybe we’ll see Wolverine, but don’t count on Cyclops, Jean Grey, Gambit, et cetera. They are probably still owned by Fox, and Mutants are being killed off, from what I understand. The Inhumans are the new “Mutants” or whatever. I haven’t kept up with the storyline, but I intend to. So I want to throw some ideas out there, maybe Capcom devs will see it and see my brilliance! Or you know, not. But here are some ideas. Restrictions: No Mutants, no Galaxy-altering entities [Galactus, Tribune, Ego, etc], and for every Marvel, there will be one Capcom. I will try to avoid using characters that have already gotten a shot [or several] and will likely focus on the MCU, since that’s the big deal right now.

  • Ultron: Ultron’s my favorite [or maybe tied for first place] villain of all. He’s got a sort of sad creation story, and whether you follow the MCU [Tony Stark] or the regular timeline [Pym], he’s a flawed creation trying to make himself perfect in the only way he knows how. He’s insanely powerful, would make a great melee/ranged fighter, and I can see him making clones, a’la Frank West’s zombie grab.
  • Vile: Megaman X’s wannabe Boba Fett! Obsessed with destroying X, it’s only fitting to have one of his foes in the game. I’ve heard rumors Sigma might be the “final boss”, and instead of having to pick one of the infinitely cool Mavericks, why not pick Vile? He could summon his mech, or just use the gun on his shoulder to do cool stuff.
  • Gladiator: Another favorite Marvel character of mine. I don’t perceive him as a villain or a hero, but his “I cannot be bested as long as I have confidence in myself” would make an interesting mechanic for a super. Maybe use it like Colossus’ Mega Armor or something like that, to greatly reduce damage. He could have tons of cool knockups/mixups. He’s powerful without being a God.
  • Jacques: One of the main characters of Onimusha 3: Demon Siege, this is a franchise that I don’t think gets nearly enough love. The energy whip would be a cool weapon, and maybe even replace the silliness that Spencer had in UMVC3 [BIONIIIIIIIIIIC]. He’s got a different look, and I think his combat style would lend itself well to an actual fighting game. Not whatever trash we got with the Onimusha “fighting game” we got. Ugh.
  • The Vulture: Spider-Man will almost certainly be in the game, and while I’d like to see Mysterio/any of the Sinister Six, Homecoming will have the Vulture, and he’d be a hilariously fun addition. His flying combat would be probably not be a challenge to implement, since we’ve had several aerial combatants.
  • Something From Monster Hunter: Maybe not one of the big-bad Monsters, but a hunter that could swap out various armor/weapon types to adapt to situations. Ranged/big sword/etc. Maybe give them three forms to work with? I like that idea. I like that idea a lot, actually.

Honorable Mentions: Adam Warlock, Mysterio, Carnage, Samonusuke, Magma Dragoon, General [MMX series], Hunk [RE series], Oni [SF series], Skullomania [SF series].

What characters do you want to see in the next fighter? Let me know!

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