Precise knowledge of Threat Makes Winner

Precise knowledge of Threat Makes Winner

Covered by thick somber green, Delusion Forest of Elf Online ( is soaked in spooky air. Sunshine seems hard to pierce through the dense leaves. It’s a threatening place even make the brave tremble despite tremendous treasure is earthed underground for millenary. Darkness force
occupied this forest.

Peach Orator is used to be a diplomat of evil tribe, but for his arrogance and egoism, he was dispatched to Delusion Forest by a jealous general. As an orator, his eloquentness can intoxicate people of both gender and meanwhile, kill the adversaries unconsciously.
Savage Manager is notorious for eating feces. He looks sluttish and always keeps eyes half close. Feces seem the tonic of him and after taken it, he becomes fiercer and the firedamp digested from feces can make heavy damage. Savage Manager is second to none in his tribe.

Trace back to several years ago, Panda Master led a comfortable life in the zoo of Dreamland until the darkness force came. For survival, Panda Master had to indulge in darkness and boasted as “master” after undertook heterodox drill.

Delusion Forest now is a jungle characterized by intense competition. Survival of the fittest is the only rule here.

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