Prepare for Wakfu Open Beta Beginning Next Week

Prepare for Wakfu Open Beta Beginning Next Week



Long time faithful Ankama fans will have much to celebrate with the ringing in of 2012. The nearly year long closed beta testing of Wakfu is finally coming to a close and new life will be springing back into the game starting next Wednesday when the game enters open beta!



Along with open beta expect plenty of additional content updates including:

Srams Shadow: This stealthy character specializes in sneaking through the shadows, backstabbing foes, and disabling them from counter attacking. Be sure to check out the trailer HERE.

Nation Completion: Expect Brakmar and Sufokia to finally reach completion, as well as enhancements to the beginning nation of Astrub.

Achievement Tracking: Get your bragging rights ready as you’ll now be able to unlock achievements and show them off.



Of course while open this is still a beta and there is much testing and tweaking still being done. Say so long to the Ecaflip and Rogue classes for a bit as they’re taken off the market in preparation for relaunches. Also Ankama was kind enough to share that the expected launch date of Wakfu will be in February so the beta testing is finally coming to a close for real!

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