Priston Tale 2: Character Class and additional Features

Wicked Interactive, a North American MMO publisher, has officially released new details including the character class details for its highly anticipated MMORPG, Priston Tale 2: The Second Enigma, the sequel to the award-winning Priston Tale game.

Priston Tale 2 will include two different races and five different base character classes including: Warrior, Huntress, Knight, Disciple and Magician. Warriors and Knights focus on melee range combat, using weapons such as swords, axes and pole arms to deal damage while the Huntress class is the only class that focuses exclusively on ranged combat through the use of bows and javelins. The Priestess and the Magician focus exclusively on magic abilities. The priestess class focuses more on defensive and support magic, such as healing and buffs, where as the magician focuses more on offensive magic and high damage.
Priston Tale 2’s skill systems include a Seesaw Skill System that enables characters from the same class or subclass to have a very different build because developing one skill influences the development of other skills. Therefore, no two characters are exactly alike. Also included in the game is a new Union Skill System which naturally encourages cooperative and party-based play. There will also be two new Item Systems in the game: the Socked System and the Crafting System.

Also included in Priston Tale 2 is an extensive PvP System, featuring clan wars, party battles and intense one-on-one battles. PvP combat takes place in dedicated warfare zones which are also filled with extremely strong and hostile monsters, mixing in elements of PvE (Player versus Environment) combat. In addition, Priston Tale 2’s Combat System is based on real-time action. Upon selecting a skill to use, the character performs the corresponding attack instantly.

Attacks can also be chained together using a combo system for more powerful attacks.
A fantasy-style MMORPG for the PC, Priston Tale 2: The Second Enigma is Yedang Online’s sequel to the wildly popular Priston Tale. This fantasy-style MMORPG boasts high-quality graphics realized through a combination of realistic backgrounds, fantastical characters, and spectacular combat effects – all made possible by the Unreal 2.5 Engine. The game has experienced huge success in South Korea where only three days after it launched its open beta in South Korea, Priston Tale 2’s concurrent online players reached 40,000. The game will launch in the North America later this winter.

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