Priston Tale: Wicked Interactive Announces Halloween Event Plans And Packages For Priston Tale

Starting Today–Trick or Treat Item Drops, An Undead Raising Weekend Event and Special Item Shop Offers–In Honor of Halloween

Wicked Interactive, a North American MMO publisher, today announced its special Halloween plans for Yedang Online’s popular MMORPG, Priston Tale. Priston Tale is celebrating the spooky holiday with Pumpkin Candy item drops, an “Undead Raising” weekend event and special item shop Halloween Packages. All events start today, October 31st, and continue for one week.

Trick or Treat Pumpkin Candy Event
The “Trick or Treat: Pumpkin Candy event” in Priston Tale starts today, October 31st. Players need to be on the lookout for pumpkin candy dropped from monsters in the game. The pumpkin candies will hold special and unique items including Gold packages, Silver packages, Mana re-charging potions, Vampiric Cuspids, Sheltom Forces, Teleport Cores, Mana Potions, Skeleton, Chaos, and Inferna Crystals and more.

Undead Raising Weekend Event
The “Undead Raising” event begins today, October 31st, and will last for the whole Halloween weekend. Throughout the weekend Ghosts, Skeletons and other undead creatures will appear on irregular maps in the game. No one is safe! They can appear anywhere at any time. In high level maps starting from the Railroad of Chaos, Mini Dark Specters will wander throughout. And look out for some good loot as the Mini Dark Specters will drop lots of gold and sheltoms for high level players.

Halloween Item Shop Sales and Packages
In addition to the free events above that are open to all players, those wanting an extra boost at Halloween can go to the Priston Tale item shop for some special Halloween package offers and a sale on Costumes. All Awesome/Beautiful Party Costumes (those that last 7 days) are reduced from 2000 cash to 1000 cash and All Awesome /Beautiful Party Costumes (30 days) are reduced from 7000 cash to 5000 cash. The sale starts today and continues for one week.

In addition, a new Halloween Package will be added to the item shop starting today and will be available for one week. The package includes 5 random items and a 10% chance to receive a 6th item. It is priced at 2900 PT Cash.

The first random item the player will receive will either be a Vampiric Cuspid (Once used last for 3 hours) or Mana Recharging Potion (3 hours). The second random item will either be a Rebirth Scroll or Third Eye (1 day). The third random item: will consist of 5 of either the Chaos Crystals, or Skeleton Crystals. The fourth random item will either be 10 Firecrackersor 5 Teleport Cores and the fifth random item will include 5 of one of the following: Transporo Forces, Radient Forces, Murky Forces, or Devine Forces.

The sixth random bonus item is a 10% chance to receive either a Phoenix Pet (3 hours), or Aging Stone.

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