Prius Online’s Closed Beta Has Arrived!

Prius Online’s Closed Beta Has Arrived


The long wait has finally come to an end! The build up and anticipation has been excruciating but finally gPotato’s Prius has opened its doors to all those carrying a closed beta key! Over the past month OnRPG has given away over 3,000 keys to this event and the demand continues unabridged. If you are left out of the loop you must be wondering what this hype is all about. I will fill you in.


Prius Online Closed Beta


Prius Online features a unique 3 character system. You explore a lush beautiful world as the warrior of legend, complete with deep and meaningful customization options to truly utilize your power. Most MMOs would stop here. Prius laughs at the thought. They allow you to venture with a mystical child known as the Anima. Like your main character, she too has forgotten the past and has joined you in your journey of discovery. The anima is the ultimate MMORPG pet, brought to life. By interacting with her, you will be able to develop an emotional bond and progress her powers and trust of you in a multitude of directions. Beyond this, there is also a large golum protector you will be able to summon in your most dire times of need.


With all this focus on customization I began to worry that maybe development was lacking elsewhere. But from everything Prius has shown, this does not seem to be the case. The game previews all show beautiful graphics with seemless battle animations. There is also a deep storyline that is closely followed to prevent you from feeling like you are just grinding monsters mindlessly.


Our own Nic van’t Schip has decided to test out Prius on this initial closed beta weekend and will be providing a video preview in the coming weeks. We eagerly await his report.

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