Project Empire renamed to Forsaken World on PWI Weblog

Project Empire renamed to Forsaken World on PWI


Project Empire Renamed to Forsaken World

Perfect World Entertainment’s 2010 blockbuster MMORPG, originally codenamed Project Empire (EM), has been renamed as Forsaken World (Online ?). Though not official, the tease has been given via Perfect World’s English blog and the end of the last video regarding the game’s English title.
The Chinese website of Forsaken World just got updated with the game’s main storyline. Here’s a brief translation by Cinderboy (OnRPG journalist).
“In a galaxy far away lie the planet Grand Mundo, where every living thing is born from the god Dios. Dios enjoy leading a wandering way of life, hence he left his children, Elfo, Titan and Vida to rule Grand Mundo. After a few thousand years, the races of Drawf, Human, Giant and Elf were born. However, Dio’s nemesis, Nyes, followed him to Grand Mundo, and left his own child, Mal, on the planet. Mal was eventually chased away by the forces under Dios after initiating an attack.
Sillia, a half god and most beautiful female on Grand Mundo, became romantically involved with Howard, a human. Using her powers, he turned him into the first of the new race, Vamp (short for Vampire), in order to have eternal love with him.
Mal then started the second attack on Dios’s races, but evetually was stll being defeated and pushed back. However, the war left Grand Mundo severely damaged, including the continents of Norte and Cintura, which sunk into the ocean. Left homeless, the inhabitants moved to the western continent, Oeste.
The power of the gods soon started declining, with the races now left to fend for themselves in order to survive. However, an evil renegade group, called the Storm Army, started a new war. Though defeated by the combined strength of the other races, the new war has just begun…”
World Map Preview
Here’s Oeste again, the starting continent for the players.

Oeste Starting Continent Forsaken World

Class Preview
Here are the 8 classes in Forsaken World: Warrior, Protector, Mage, Priest, Gunner, Bloodcontroller, Bard and Assassin.

Forsaken World Warrior Class

Forsaken World Protector Class


Forsaken World Mage Class


Forsaken World Priest Class


Forsaken World Gunner Class


Forsaken World Bloodcontroller Class


Forsaken World Bard Class


Forsaken World Assassin Class

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