Project Powder, Wind Slayer and SoS news

Project Powder: The highly anticipated commercial release is coming this Thursday, May 7. The web store will be released along with tons of new gear! Customize your character with different stylin’ outfits, accessories, and a variety of extreme boards. Also check out the amazing new map. Challenge yourself to find speedy shortcuts by taking advantage of the jumps along the mountain.
Wind Slayer: A new map, The Serien Cave, is being released! This cave contains all sorts of unique creatures and challenging quest objectives. Also the Mystery Cube system is coming out. There will be Cubes that can either be created from in game materials or bought with SparkCash and they have a chance to contain special, rare items that can only be found within the cubes!
Solstice: A house system will be coming out shortly where players can decorate and hang out with friends inside their own house. The release date will most likely be around two weeks from now so keep an eye out for more information.
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