Project Powder, Wind Slayer, Fiesta Updates

Project Powder:  Two new maps are being released this week. One of which is Equilibrium Part 1. A fresh, colorful setting, along with dozens of hard to find shortcuts make this map really stand out. Racers will have to use their creative thinking and riding skills to get the best times.
Wind Slayer: Anyone who logs on between 12pm-2pm on either Saturday June 20 or Sunday June 21, will receive 5,000 gold on their account. This gold could really help out a new player or an experienced one.
Fiesta: A hot summer raffle begins this week.  Every cumulative 10 dollars worth of Spark Cash spent in the Fiesta store will create a raffle ticket under the account name of the player.  The raffle starts June 17th and ends June 30th. Here are the prizes:
1rst place: 24″ LG Monitor + nVidia 9800GT Graphic Card
2nd place: 22″ LG Monitor + nVidia 9600GT Graphic Card
3rd place: 19″ LG Monitor + Logitech G5 Laser Mouse
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