PS3 caused man to be arrested is reporting the following news:

Gun shots heard from a Copenhagen residence result in scared neighbours calling the police.

And they took no chances, arriving at the premises with full support, which consisted of several vans packed with armed policemen.

However, it turns out that the shots came from a FPS video game being played on a PlayStation 3 set up with HDTV and full 5.1 surround sound.

The two players, both aged 21, were unaware that they’d caused alarm, taken by surprise when they were rushed out of the apartment with their hands behind their backs.

Police were especially suspicious when they arrived on the scene, as residents usally lean out of their windows to check out the commotion when police arrise: the two men did not.

After a full search of the apartment and the two men had explained themselves they were allowed to return to their apartment.

It appears that the Copenhagen police are used to being called out for gunshots that often turn out to be false. Usually, however, they are fireworks and not video games.

“[We] do not neglect reports of shots when we’re rung and tonight’s action illustrates that quite well,” said a smiling John Hasen, head of the Copenhagen police.


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