PWND explodes onto PCs with all-new low price of 12.99

PWND - Official Trailer - Video Thumbnail

PWND, which first debuted at San Diego Comic-Con, this FPS has an all-new price of 12.99 for the high-octane rocket arena shooter on Windows PC (via Steam Early Access).  Lots of additional free content is coming, including new levels, characters, weapons, maps, tournament features and so much more. In addition, to celebrate this, new hero skins (available between August 28th and September 4th) based on the popular Youtubes “VanossGaming (Evan Fong)” and “TheSyndicateProject (Tom Cassell)” and these channels will also host a series of special play sessions for fans and players of PWND to personalize the action. You can follow this on their personal Twitters, here, and here.

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