Quadruple-Experience Activity Preview and New Pet Egg Unveiled

Did you take part in Myth War Quadruple Experience Activity in March? If you regretfully missed it, here is the chance for you to make up for it:
International Gaming Gate (IGG) Myth War Group decide to hold another Quadruple-Experience Activity in all servers this Sunday. On that date, all players are welcomed to join in and win experience by fighting the monsters from Server Time 0:00 on April, 14th to Server Time 23:59 on April, 15th.In addition, we will hold Bounty Hunter and Survival Quest activity again on April, 15th. To know more details about these events, please link to: http://mythwaronline.com/modules/news/displaynews.php?parent_id=2&url=/uploadfile/text/20070411/1176270676.htm
The second good news for players is from April.10th, a new super cool pet egg (with the name Lucky Egg) can be obtained from the Item Mall. By using it, you have a chance to get one of the pets: Sand Giant, Ogrewalker, Hell Phoenix, Evil Fire Demo, Big Foot, Lizard Bandit, or Evil skeletal etc. randomly! Just click the below link to get more idea about Lucky Egg:

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