Rabbits and eggs all over Eversun!!!

It’s Easter time and all the Dream of Mirror citizens will start celebrating it on March 19th :

  • Begin a new adventure: the Easter quest is waiting for you! Only the bravest player will get the unique reward after completing the mission!
  • Enjoy two new Easter goodie bags from which you could get randomly even some unique items such as Bunny Headgear, Intermediate Evolution Stone, Teleport, Portal Pennies, …

The celebrations will last two weeks… ready to start?

Beside this seasonal event, other awaited special items will be added to the item shop:

  • Back to Basics books: use these books to reset skill or attribute points previously allocated.
  • Fireworks: new fireworks to party with your Friends!!

You’ll also enjoy the other big releases that we have prepared for you:

  • Guild Cottage: enter your Guild’s home and check related dedicated features! Sit around the fire to share the stories of your epic adventures with your guildmates!
  • Title quests: face your destiny! Accomplish these quests and become one of the few real Dream of Mirror heroes!
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