Ragnarok Online Celebrates 9th Anniversary

Ragnarok Online Celebrates 9th Anniversary


Ragnarok 9th Anniversary


Gravity Interactive, a publisher of exciting MMORPGs, launches their yearly tradition: an annual celebration for their wildly popular anchor title, Ragnarok Online. To celebrate the game’s nine years of service, “Where the Old Meets the New” is this year’s slogan in what is to be one of the biggest in-game celebrations to date for RO veterans!



“We’re celebrating nine amazing years this summer and want to wish a happy birthday to Ragnarok Online,” said Jason Heimdallr Koerperich, Ragnarok Online Producer at Gravity Interactive. “Our players are diving into their summer for some hard earned fun and there’s plenty of celebrating going on in Midgard. “



Welcome to the 1st Annual Midgard Exposition And Bazaar. Presented by the Eden Group and the Lighthalzen Chamber of Commerce, this festive event is a grand Expo celebrating the defeat of the Demon, Satan Morroc, and the discovery of the New World. The Expo’s grounds are a painstakingly accurate recreation of the old town of Morroc where the Demon first appeared, and the theme of this year’s festivities is ‘Progress and Harmony for Midgard’. Adventurers are invited to visit the Expo, which has run into some … well, let’s just say … difficulties.



During the course of their exploration of the Expo and its quests, players will be pulled into an unusual story where they will be aiding the Expo in getting up and running as well as unraveling a sinister secret that is lurking within the middle of otherwise peaceful fairgrounds. Players will need to be at least level 70 to experience the full breadth of the Expo events but no cutting in the ticket line!



One thousand years of peace have reigned, and the world has forgotten the horrors of the age of myth; as in all things, peace can never last forever and evil waits patiently. Once friendly monsters turned aggressive; soon after followed demons attacking and the dead rising from their graves. Heroes appeared to beat back the invasions until the fateful day that Satan Morocc destroyed the peaceful town of Morroc with his freedom granted by the insane and corrupt humans of Midgard. The heroes re-gathered themselves and pushed back with everything they had but only a stalemate was possible.



The delicate seals that protect the world from spilling into complete chaos weaken and break, and only the knowledge and power from the age of myth can save Midgard from certain doom. Can you and your allies push back the threat of total annihilation and protect Midgard from the final Ragnarok?

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