Rakion: get ready for a bloody Easter

War returns to Rakion… it’s time for clans to stand and fight!
Be one of the first to experience the new Clan Battle system in Rakion. Reach the top ranking, collect clan experience points to buy exclusive items in the clan shop, and make your clan proud!
Quest for the Top Clan (Event)
Win as many games with your clan as you can to reach the top! During this event, the top 3 clans will be selected after the Weekly Clan Ranking update. These clans’ top 10 contributors will be selected by their Member Exp (m-exp) and will also receive prizes.
Period: 4/06/09 ~ 5/11/09
Prize Dates: 4/13, 4/20, 4/27, 5/4, 5/11
The Clan War Experience
Have you experienced the glories of clan war? Write your review and submit it to Rakion Mail Q&A. Reviews will be posted for voting by all Rakion users, and only one winner will be chosen.
Submission: 4/20/09 ~ 4/27/09
Voting: 4/30/09 ~ 05/06/09
Prize: 50000 Cash and 1 Trial Stat Buff
Join the Clan War and rise to the top!
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