RAN Extreme Beauty 2008 ~ Global Tournament!

All RAN Boy & RAN Girl

Are you the one who likes to take pictures of yourself? Forever trying to think if you are looking good or not? Constantly worrying how you look like each day? Wanted to be famous and feeling the glory of being idolized?

[RAN Online] Korea developer, Min Communications is glad to invite all RAN gamer to participate on this exciting RAN-Online Extreme Beauty Contest! You can be one of the contestants or be online voter for this event: http://www.ran-global.com/event/overall.asp ,

RAN-Online Extreme Beauty is an event to celebrate the launching and opening of the RAN-Online Global Tournament website, where any RAN users from any country can take part in and where they can show off their “looks” of their own – we are looking for the Global RAN Boy and RAN Girl. So please come and share your “looks” with us!

Contest Process
You can have your photos and some words of greetings of your own registered for this event through the preliminary submission before the RAN Global Tournament. And once those that were able to survive the submission will go into the final round as one representing each country. Then the best scorers from both the RAN users and the panel become the RAN Boy and RAN Girl.

The two winners will get complimentary gifts and game items for reward. So get in, everybody!

Stage 1 : Application Period : 15-July-2008 ~ 15-Agust-2008, 1month
Stage 2 : 1st Examination Period by Staff : 16-August-2008 ~ 17-August-2008, 5days
Stage 3 : User’s Choice Examination Period : 18-August-2008 ~ 2-September-2008, Closing user’s vote and recommend and calculate total
Stage 4 : Final Examination Period to Choose Winners : 3-September-2008 ~ 6-September-2008, 3 days
Stage 3 : Announcement Date : 5-September-2008
**All the above date subject to change.

Participate now in [RAN Extreme Beauty Global Tournament] and stand a chance to be famous and glorious!
Keep tuned here: http://www.ran-global.com/event/overall.asp or contact to Min Communications, Korea Customer Services.

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