RAN Online : 50th Merdeka Countdown with RAN Super Store (Part III)!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Malaysia!! We are pleased to announce that we will be having a final bang of the great Super Store Promotion!
This sale is for a limited time only. Starting from 16th August 2007 (1:00pm GMT+8 ) until 3rd September 2007 (10:00am GMT+8 ).


Anniversary Boxes
There are divided into 12 items and you’ll stand the chance to get one of the items.
*Remarks : Anniversary Box might turn up as an empty box. The lucky person who get the Anniversary Gold Coin from Anniversary Box may contact GM via email ( customerservice@myrosso.com ) to exchange for 100 million RAN Money.


Oblivion Potion Box
You have the chance to get one of the items.
(There are divided into Oblivion Potion A, B, C, D and E!)


EQ Protected Necklace Armor Gift Box
Gift Box include one EQ Protection Necklace(non-tradable)and Lux Prot. Pot Random Box Lux Prot. Pot Random Box Have Chance To Get:
– Lux Prot. Pot(5) (15 Days, non-tradable)
– Lux Prot. Pot(15) (15 Days, non-tradable)
– Lux Prot. Pot(30) (15 Days, non-tradable) 


EQ Protected Necklace Weapon Gift Box
Gift Box include one EQ Protection Necklace (non-tradable) and Val. Burr Random Box Var. Burr Random Box Have Chance To Get:
– Val. Burr(5) (15 Days, non-tradable)
– Val. Burr(15) (15 Days, non-tradable)
– Val. Burr(30) (15 Days, non-tradable) 



Triple Resurrection Training Rosary(1D) (non-tradable)

  • Defense +2, all immunity +10. Once equipped, user will have TRIPLE Exp Rate. Avoid lost of experience after death and revive at original place.
  • Requirement Level : 100

* Limited to 20 pieces purchase per account.

3) For RAN Big Spenders Again!!
In conjunction with Malaysia 50th Merdeka Anniversary, spenders who top up 501 myRosso Points or above in RAN Online will stand a chance to win an amazing Item! We will select 50 spenders per week, and this promotion only valid for 2 weeks. There are 100 Mystery Prizes to be given out. Spend more and you win more! RAN

Customer Support will inform the 100 lucky spenders through the official announcement.
So have yourself a marvelous shopping time with us!
Go to Super Store NOW!

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