RAN Online Event: Treasure Found (Part 2)

Event Title: Treasure Found (Part 2)

Event Date: 14/12/2007 – 16/12/2007

Event Time: Base on ingame broadcast

A Coin collector was show up in school campus, and he interested to collect those special Gold Coin from students, which given out by a wealthy man last week. Hence, he posts up a memo on campus’s notice board to attract students’ attention:-
Collecting the 10000 and 50000 Gold Coin
I’m here wish to collect those Gold Coin which distributed by the wealthy man last week.Coins are exchangeable for Random Box.

10000 Gold Coin x 3 unit + 50000 Gold Coin x 3 unit = Random Box (5D) x 3

Whoever interested to exchange with me, please email to myevent@myrosso.com

For more details: http://ran.myrosso.com/en/events_071213_treasure2.asp

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