Rappelz Celebrates 5 Years of Gaming

Rappelz Celebrates 5 Years of Gaming



Over the past six weeks, Rappelz players in North America have received experience boosts, stat buffs, and drop events in a countdown to the biggest milestone in the history of this beloved MMORPG: its 5 Year Anniversary. Now that day has finally arrived! The celebration bursts onto the scene in full force with the introduction of a personality-matching Rappelz Pet Quiz and the chance to win an elite gaming mouse from Razer. Players can also enjoy a tremendous +73% experience boost in honor of Rappelz Epic VII: Ascension, which will introduce an all-new pet called the Stone Golem and the long-awaited Master Class. The expansion launches on November 16!




Everyone loves their pets, and the only thing better than a pet that loves you is a pet that loves to destroy your enemies for you. To that end, Rappelz has introduced a Rappelz Pet Quiz that will help all players find the perfect pet to match their personality – and their fighting style. Are you a selfless and caring protector, or a ruthless bringer of death? Can you be trusted with a secret, or would you sell it to the highest bidder? Log in to your gPotato account and take the quiz before November 16 and you’ll be automatically entered into a raffle to win 1 of 5 Razer Naga Molten mice!




November 16 will also see the North American launch of Rappelz Epic VII: Ascension, bringing a brand new pet and a whole new tier of class upgrades. The Stone Golem pet specializes in defense and tanking: it can increase the damage an enemy takes, boost the stats of its allies, and absorb even the deadliest of blows. Meanwhile, characters can earn the highest honors by completing a special series of quests that will upgrade them to the Master Class. Each Master Class has powerful new abilities, from high-powered healing chains to targeted area-of-effect explosions. Catch a glimpse of the new features, including the unique Master Class armor sets, at the dedicated Rappelz Epic VII: Ascension page.



Be sure to visit OnRPG’s Events Page to grab a gift pack in celebration of the 5 year anniversary as well!

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