Rappelz: Epic V, Part II to be Released October 15th

Gala-Net Inc. announced today that it will release “Rappelz Epic V: The Dragonic Age, Part II” on October 15th to its free-to-play game portal, gPotato.com, in the North American market.

This Epic continues in Part II, with new updates and features, bringing Epic V to a full circle. In Part II, players can expect to see the Rappelz Arsenal, a massive database of information for Rappelz. It shows players the most up-to-date information on characters and pets directly from the Rappelz databases. The Arsenal allows players to view everything from a character’s armors and weapons, skill cards currently equipped, to the skills of the characters and pets. Moreover, the new Ursa Dungeon, also known as Ursa Caverns, will be highlighted. Once an hour, players can enter the Ursa Cavern’s waiting room and will have the option of creating a group or join an existing group. Once players enter Ursa Caverns, they will be met with masses of ferocious bears. Players will have a short period of time to achieve the goal, and with every bear killed, players earn points and progress closer to defeating the dungeon. These points can later be used to purchase new equipment and items.

This feature is sure to be immensely popular in the community and will be a great addition for the Rappelz community. “Ursa Caverns is a new addition to Rappelz Epic V, Part II. It offers an entirely new type of dungeon mechanic that will prove to be a fun and exciting challenge for players of all levels,” said Senior Producer Michael Powers. “Ursa Caverns is just a taste of what Part II has to offer our dedicated players from around the world.”

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