Rappelz Epic VI, Prologue: Navislamia Launched

“The Prologue to Epic VI, is especially exciting, because not only does it bring a large abundance of new content for our current users–it will change the way our new users learn the game. The all inclusive new user experience, Trainee Island, will guide users through each feature of the game with ease – so by the time they join other users-they will be well prepared. This will essentially make Rappelz much more accessible to new gamers to the MMO genre as well as the game itself.” -Michael Powers, Senior Producer of Rappelz.
Epic VI’s Prologue [Navislamia] brings content that focuses on players new and old. The medley of fresh content includes a brand new user experience for new players to the game, new pets, new items, new monsters to conquer and areas to explore! With fresh content, Navislamia builds on Rappelz’s back story and lore.
The new trainee island is a comprehensive introduction to the game. The island provides for a gently sloping learning curve. Users will be walked through more quests (ranging from basic to advanced) and dungeons to get familiarize with the game. They will even be taught how to tame their first pet, an intrinsic feature of Rappelz. Players new to the MMO genre as well as seasoned-MMO-players will both find the training island helpful in navigating Rappelz.
Navislamia will also introduce high level content to existing players. Rappelz has 6 dangerous new bosses, 3 new pets to tame and innumerable new quests specifically to new high level users. Users will also see new costumes for their characters, including a Ninja Costume. Navislamia even has a new system that cultivates the charitable side of players!
Epic VI’s Prologue: Navislamia has a little something for every player, only appropriate for the beginning of a great Epic!
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