Rappelz: Lots of frosty gifts and special items

Rappelz, the dark and fantasy MMORPG from the www.gpotato.eu gaming portal put it’s Christmas colours on with plenty of events planned for the community kicking off with special events from 16th to 31st of December 2008. Tons of activities, decorations and gifts await players who can come together around the Christmas tree allocated in each city of Rappelz.

From the 16th of December, players will have the opportunity to collect special items during their encounters against monsters. From snowballs that can be used during fights to freeze your opponents, to special items you can redeem against Santa or Reindeer outfits, many special items will be available.

During Christmas Eve, a Hidden Village Passport will be offered to each connected character and will allow people free travel to this mythical destination. A countdown will also be put in place for New Year’s Eve, and every player will get a “special” bottle in order to celebrate the New Year. This item will grant different bonuses to players, such as an attack and magical improvement to their abilities.

In organising events on Rappelz, the gPotato team’s purpose is to unify the community around regular in-game activities, and meet the expectation of players who are looking for events and a lively community. Many other activities are planned for the next few months.

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