Rappelz Releases Master Classes

Rappelz Releases the Master Classes!



The highest goal of all Rappelz players now stands within reach: the Master Class has arrived! The much-anticipated Rappelz Epic VII: Ascension went live on November 16, hot on the heels of the game’s 5 Year Anniversary, and brought with it a new set of quests, equipment, and skills that catapult each of the game’s classes into a whole new level of power.



The previous chapter in the grand epic of Rappelz brought players face-to-face with Lucian, the mad scientist whose evil experiments flooded the world with monsters. Now in the wake of that victory, they can finally enter the Master Trial and prove their worth against a series of ruthless enemies and devious puzzles. Those strong enough to survive will ascend to the highest rank for their class and earn a unique set of skills and striking equipment to fight the forces of evil.



Each Master Class represents a huge advance in power for Rappelz players. These new classes turn into a whirl of blades and magic with automatic chances to counter, permanent ability boosts, and buffs that add up with each enemy slain. They can also damage huge swaths of enemies or heal entire parties of allies with the introduction of area-of-effect spells and chained effects. Only the most dedicated heroes will reach this peak and unleash their full potential!



Rappelz Epic VII: Ascension also features a unique solo dungeon and the latest addition to the roster of Rappelz pets. The Stone Golem pet supports its master in battle by absorbing huge amounts of damage. Outside of battle, it improves its master’s power by creating enhancement cubes that can be applied to weapons or armor. It’s the perfect companion to take into the new Vulcanus dungeon, where players and their pets must stand alone against waves of more and more dangerous enemies until they reach the old master Vulcanus himself, deep in the pit of his lair.



Great challenges await in Rappelz Epic VII: Ascension, but great rewards come to those brave enough to face them.

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