Realm of the Titans offers Beta Rewards and Ladder

Realm of the Titans offers Beta Rewards and new Ladder Tracking



After many months of refining, AeriaGames is ready to push their Asian styled MOBA, Realm of the Titans, into beta testing. Today also marks the introduction of official ladder tracking so competitive players can see how they stack up versus their rivals!



For those who missed out on last year’s beta test and want to learn more about the game I would recommend checking out ColbyCheeze’s impressions video or Hhean’s full review to get a feel for the game. It definitely carries its own style in the MOBA genre through features including 8 item slots, unusual monster spawns that can be unleashed against your enemies, and interchangeable ‘summoner’ skills that allow you to switch tactics midgame to catch your foes off guard or counter a powerful tactic being used against you.



For those interested in hopping into the beta, Aeria has plenty of rewards lined up including the awesome beta titan badge for those who reach level 5 during the beta test.




In addition players can strive to achieve greatness each day as the top rated, top killer, top assister, and top tower destroyer each day will receive unique badgers as a trophy to show their greatness to others.



Finally those participating in the beta will receive a free Battle Turtle Soul Taker skin just for signing in! For more information check out their official thread discussing rewards. Also be sure to join OnRPG’s discussion thread to tell us your thoughts on the game!

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