Record of Lunia War Gears Up for Open Beta

Record of Lunia War Gears Up for Open Beta
– Action Arcade RPG “Lunia”, Open beta service set for July 31
– With enriched game content and enhanced system, preparations are all in place
– “Quest Event” to be held to celebrate the open beta

allm Corp., (CEO Lee Jong-myung, online computer game developer,
is poised to launch a global open beta service of
its online game brand <Record of Lunia War –
Action Arcade
MMORPG>(, targeting
gamers in some 80 countries across the world on
31st July, 2007.(U.S EST).

The online RPG was successfully tested in a closed beta held in May this year, and the company has
been reinforcing the content and the system since then, listening carefully to the users who participated
in the closed beta.
As a part of the contents update, the “[History] Episode3” will be introduced for the Stage Mode of the
Record of Lunia War. And a Amuse park in the game, called “Luna Park,” will also be added to
provide a variety of fun experiences for users. Also, a group of Quick motions(pre-recorded): to
express 32 unique emotional statuses for each of three characters(Sieg, Dainn, Eir) will be added,
helping users communicate with each other more seamlessly.

To reinforce the game system, a guild system has been added, and the existing messenger system was
enhanced to allow close communication between users. The newly updated user interface also greatly
improves user convenience. The company is also aimed at creating a more user-friendly environment
by lowering computer specifications and installing new servers in the United States.

Allm also plans to host an in-game quests-completing type event titled “Supplies from Le Palais
Lunia” for four weeks from July 31. Players can win the open beta celebration item “Lunia goodness’s
necklace” after getting five alphabets of “L, U, N, I and A” by clearing Stage 3, 5, 7, 9 and 10 bosses in
the “[History] Episode 1”.
“We are looking forward to opening our service around the world.”, said Kim Young-gook; chief
executive director of allm game dept. “Record of Lunia War will introduce the different online RPG
style than other existing ones do. We proudly named its genre Action Arcade MMORPG. Gamers are
free not only to expect an unprecedented action game style from Record of Lunia War very unique to
online RPGs, very much the same experience people used to have in an arcade center playing action
style games, but also to satisfy themselves with Record of Lunia War’s on-line RPG orientations such
as avatar growth, guild building, online communication, etc. We hope you can enjoy this invention of
new gaming style on-line”

Record of Lunia War opened a renewed Web site on 24th July ahead of the coming open beta, and has
drawn even more keen interest from gamers across the world for its fresh and new play style and easy
accessibility. It’s highly likely to increase the expectations for Record of Lunia War after the open beta
service finally starts on July 31st.

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