Red 5 Studios Announces Mobile Gaming Unit Premier at Anime Expo

Red 5 Studios Announces Mobile Gaming Unit Premier at Anime Expo



Red 5 Studios announced today that it will unveil its state-of-the-art Firefall “Mobile Gaming Unit” (MGU) during this year’s Anime Expo (AX), at the Los Angeles Convention Center, June 29 – July 1, 2012. AX attendees will be the first to see Red 5’s epic creation, can register for Firefall’s exclusive beta, and will get to meet its heroes, Typhon and Mourningstar, who will be making live appearances throughout the show.



Brought to life by the talented team at West Coast Customs, the MGU is a massive 48-foot-long gaming tournament on wheels that features a unique aesthetic design pulled straight out of Firefall’s sci-fi world. Planned to tour the country later this year, the MGU is equipped for top-level eSports play with 20 AMD powered gaming stations, Razer peripherals, support for 1,000 person LAN parties, and even a shoutcaster podium with full live streaming support.



“Anime Expo is the perfect event for this reveal because Firefall’s rich sci-fi universe is something that anime and manga fans are going to really appreciate,” said Mark Kern, CEO of Red 5. “They’re the type of gamer that pays extra attention to the lore and story; they enjoy interacting with it outside of the medium. We’re delivering that interactivity in a huge way.”



Attendees will not only find Red 5’s new Mobile Gaming Unit at the event, they’ll also meet professional cosplayer, Crystal Graziano, and actor, Lee “Hawk” Reherman, who will bring Firefall’s heroes to life in futuristic hand-crafted “Battleframes”. In addition, fans can read the recently released Firefall Affinity online manga, written by Orson Scott Card and Emily Janice Card, which will flesh out the backstory and characters from the game.



OnRPG’s DizzyPW and Kitty Mach will also be in attendance in cosplay so keep an eye out for them as well if you want to get included in this year’s Anime Expo round-up!

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