Reflect upon the colors of life .I.

Reflect upon the colors of life .I.

Elf Online ( is an inclusive society tinted with various colors. Different colors seem represent different styles and tracks. Which true color do you belong to? Look into them and know more about yourself.

Red: Passion and Enthusiasm
It’s a color belongs to the perceptual one who is full of passion and energy all the time. You may sometimes go too farther to please others for the spur of the moment. But it doesn’t matter, you will rebound back soon and stick to the original temper.


Blue: Dispassion and Self-possession
General speaking, the first impression of you may be, obedient and logical. Prudential character makes you wordless but active. You are helpful and warmhearted.

Green: Peaceful and Plain
You may have neither a clear-cut character nor strong charisma, but you obtain an optimistic life view, that is, plain sailing and count your blessings when in adversity.

White: Innocent and Imaginary
Pureness as snow and isolation from the reality make you live in the world of egoism. You pay no concern to the external of chaos and dream away for the illusion.

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