Register and Earn a Pet

Voyage Century Online has a long reputation of being generous to their players. However, this time they are offering more than ever before! From June 24th until July 31st they will be giving away a free pet to players who register and start playing VCO. As if that wasn’t enough, they are also planning to give away pet first aid kits via the clock in game system. Next they’ll be announcing they’re throwing in the kitchen sink as an added bonus!
The variety of pets in this game is really surprising, and with such a bountiful selection to choose from, there’s bound to be something for everyone. Whether it’s the adorable bunnies of Beirut, the mysterious red-bodied Ghost Bats of Mallorca or the terrifying dinosaurs of Hurricane Island, the VCO team will have something for you!
After getting into the game and picking up a pet, player’s will need to take care of their pets, raise them, and train them, just like real ones. How much players care will determine how the pet grows, and how powerful it will become. Letting a pet starve will cause it to move slowly and lose health, as well as running the risk of losing it when it runs away to find a more caring master. On the other hand, for those pet lovers out there that take good care of their pets, they will find that the rewards for good pet care are many. In battle they provide a trustworthy comrade to assist in the fight, as well as being a source of fun and adventure while questing or on a long journey at sea.
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