Regnum Online Updates

Regnum Online continues to grow as one of the most important Realm Vs Realm MMORPGs available for free. On Monday 20th of July at 2PM GMT NGD Studios will update the game up to version 1.0.7 and these are the highlights:
Improved initiation zones
The starting area of the Realm of Ignis has been enhanced, including new quests, locations, NPCs and features. Included in the Ignis expansion, several new quests objectives and mechanics have been introduced to make adventuring in the world of Regnum much more diverse, engaging and immersive.
New control scheme, gameplay and technical enhancements
NGD has been hard at work to implement a new control scheme for Regnum. Following the guidelines of modern MMOs and action games, From now on, Regnum features strafing and mouse look, making combat much more dynamic and responsive.
Customizable weapons
Since this version, most of the weapons of the game will have a socketed version that will allow you to customize its power. In order to do that, you will have to get your hands on gems that are insterted into the items. This add a new dimension to item customization in Regnum Online.
Tweaks and improvements
Since any MMORPG is a live game, we are constantly working on tweaks and enhancements that work towards making Regnum continuosly fun for everyone.

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