Regnum Online’s Impressive Overhaul Enters Open Beta

NGD Studios, the leading MMO developer and publisher in Latin America, has rolled out the largest and most important update to Regnum Online to date. A new engine has been developed in house to offer enhanced lighting and graphical effects in an ever more competitive free-to-play market. Add to this a completely new physics system, with improved performance and combat action; it makes Regnum feel like a new game.
The Woods Feel Alive
New Shadowing
Regnum has always been well positioned considering its unique game play. It has not always offered the best graphics and scenery. This is all changing with this update as users will experience fantastic lighting effects with real time dynamic shadows; longer view distance and colour correction. Each battle and each sunset will offer something new and exciting. Combining great graphics and great game play offers hours of entertainment for every user in Regnum Online.
“This release catapults Regnum into the top free-to-play games as far as graphics and game play” said Andrés Chilkowski, General Manager of NGD Studios.
“Regnum has always offered top game-play in the Realm vs. Realm category. We now add the visuals on par with A class titles. New character creation- and initiation areas help with customer retention but we believe the overall look and feel simply puts it at a different level compare to where it was six months ago” said Andrés Chilkowski.
“This is truly a milestone in Regnum history! However we are following this up with yet another aggressive road map where further enhancements, including the re-modelling of all of the playable characters in the game and their equipment. In addition our users can look forward to more social aspects both inside and outside of the game”, adds Chilkowski.
Character Overhaul
New ways for you to improve and customize your experience
There are many ways you can customize your experience in Regnum. When you start the game you now have a tool that tests your computers performance which allows it to set what works best for you. You can now choose between several shader-models and if you choose level three or above you can see the new shadows in the game.
You can also quickly make changes live in the game. By clicking on “O” on your keyboard you get all the options you have to lower or improve the quality at which you are playing. For instance you can quickly turn on and off the shadows or parts of the terrain. This will help you speed up your game play should you feel it is not playing the way you want.
[regnum_graphics.jpg “New Graphics in Regnum Online”]
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