Release of DOFUS Episode 8: Interview with the Wabbit

The 4 million players MMORPG DOFUS will soon be releasing Episode 8 on server Shika: Interview with the Wabbit!
This new episode will contain:
– A new areas: the mysterious Wabbit Island,
– Two new dungeons included the Wabbit Castle
– News monsters including the malicious Wabbit Grandpa or the Black Tiwabbit
– New weapons, armors and panoplies
– New spell: the Cawwot spell
– The first DOFUS of the game: the DOFUS Cawwot
In order to celebrate the release of Episode 8: Interview with the Wabbit, a prerelease event – “Pirates of the Cawibbean” – was organized on Wednesday in the afternoon.

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