Rend Announces Steam Early Access Date

Rend The Reckoning

Frostkeep Studios has announced that after reviewing community feedback from its closed alpha phase, Rend will begin its beta on Steam Early Access on Tuesday, July 31. On that date players will be able to purchase Rend for $29.99.

Rend is a faction-based fantasy survival game with roots in Nordic lore. The game features RPG mechanics, factional combat, sandbox and building elements, win and loss conditions, and massive final battles to see which faction will rein supreme.

“Early access marks a pivotal moment for Frostkeep Studios,” said Jeremy Wood, co-founder and CEO, Frostkeep Studios. “We have been developing Rend side-by-side with our players since we first announced the game and are grateful for the invaluable feedback they provided to help shape Rend into what it has become today: the game they want to play.”

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