Retro Remake Thoughts: Secret of Mana


We’ve seen a lot of remakes, remasters, things of that nature in the past couple of years. We’re in the age of Nostalgia, where all we want is our favorite classic games presented in a new light. I have some thoughts of that though. What about Secret of Mana? Couch co-op is all but dead these days. Most folks play together online, and Secret of Mana was one of [if not the first] multiplayer couch co-op RPG, where you and two friends played as the Boy, the Girl and the Sprite, however you name them. Girl and Sprite had different magic abilities depending on the Magical Forces they met, and the Boy just kicked a lot of ass in melee. The other two were good at it as well, but that was all the Boy had.  It’s a game I’ve wanted to play again with friends for quite a long time, but do you know how hard it is to get two other people together to play one game in person? I’m sure you do!


My thought, to the fine folks at Square Enix, online play with an updated Secret of Mana! Maybe not an HD Remake, because come on, it’s an SNES game. Just clean up the sprites without making it look like the mobile FF6, and let friends and family play it online via Steam! I can’t imagine it would be all that hard to make happen. I know Steam has servers for online play after all. Just some food for thought today! Let’s go and fight the Mana Beast together, but on the PC! I’m sure there are. . . other options, but we’re not discussing that today. I love Secret of Mana, the franchise has gone strong throughout the years, but why not come back to the most beloved iteration? It’s not the first, that was The Final Fantasy Adventure, I do believe. They were afraid it would not sell as a new franchise, so tagging it as FFA helped. The Vita remake is really quite pleasant. Secret of Mana was released on mobile, but I have no idea if it included multiplayer. I don’t want another silly looking FF remake. I want something with some quality to it. So let’s do the right thing, and drop some SoM on a new audience.

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