RIFT Emerges From the Embers in Update 1.6

RIFT Emerges From the Embers in Update 1.6



Trion World’s Massive Fantasy RIFT brings yet another update with From the Embers. The Ascended are summoned to Ember Isle by the proud Kelari in an attempt to reclaim the holy land from the Firey RIFTs.



Players can now take up arms through numerous new dungeons and Slivers to free Ember Isle and return it to the rightful rulers, the Kelari. As you journey through the island you will come across the Farcian Dwarves, imposing corrupted ruins, and eventually an order of monks assigned to guard the Dragon of Fire imprisoned in the volcano that marks the center of the map.



This update culminates in Caduceus Rise, RIFT’s newest and largest dungeon to date. The Ascended will be forced to battle through a dungeon with 11 bosses and non-linear progression, ensuring plenty of replayability. In addition, 2 expert mode wings exist for truly adventurous players!



In addition, three new Slivers will open up for teams of 10 to explore and uncover the secrets of Telara’s past. These alternative dimensions allow you to visit various key moments in time, particularly those of the Dragon Cultist’s greatest victory, to acquire knowledge and power that may be used to save the real Telara in times to come.



In Rise of the Phoenix, players travel back to the Eth Empire in which priests are attempting to summon Titan slaves through a massive gate. This ritual is corrupted by Dragonian forces, resulting in the portal opening to the Plane of Fire and turning High Priest Arakhurn into a raging Phoenix. This Tier-2 Sliver is sure to give even the most hardened players a true test of their skill.



In Gilded Prophecy, The Ascended must prevent the revival of Laethys, Queen of Greed, and discover the location of a dangerous relic to prevent it from being obtained in the real Telara. The third new Sliver, Drowned Halls, features an alternate reality where the mad Akylios has claimed ultimate victory. Now Hydriss has amassed the dark dragon’s most vicious servants to invade the real Telara. Stop this invasion before it starts to protect our reality!

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