Riot Reveals First Champ of 2013, Thresh the Chain Warden

Riot Reveals First Champ of 2013, Thresh the Chain Warden



Riot Games has granted their public beta audience a look into League of Legends’ next support champion and first champion of 2013 and this one is a wild card. Thresh unleashes a short range auto attack that unleashes magic damage coinciding with various pulls, jumps, and even an imprisonment ulti that will grant him immense control in team fights. But to say he is only useful as a support underlies his potential as a top laner and even a slow clearing jungler.




Thresh’s passive is a soul collection game. Enemies that die around him sometimes drop souls (the bigger they are, the more probable they are to leave a soul). Thresh gains no mitigation per level; he can only access that through collecting souls to fuel his rise to power.



Thresh’s Q is a skillshot grab that stuns and pulls an enemy a fixed distance toward him. He can reactivate it to pull himself to the enemy.



Thresh’s W is his signature skill. Thresh throws his Lantern to a targeted location. If an ally right clicks on the Lantern, Thresh will pull the ally to him (the ally is dashed toward him). This allows allies to jump over walls and really adds some serious strategic play to a well-coordinated team.



Thresh’s E is a small directional knock that Thresh has the power to shape the movement on – he can push enemies in a line away, pull enemies in a line toward him, or anything in between.



Thresh’s ultimate lets him create a prison around him – a set of 5 destructible walls. If an enemy walks through a wall they break a hole for their allies to walk through but take tons of damage and a strong slow themselves.



From basic videos we’ve seen on PBE we can assess that his passive allies him to stack intense amounts of free physical and magical defense, especially if snowballing and able to remain in his lane for long durations. His harass is mighty enough to make enemies think twice and he can be a killer support and even initiator later in the game. Keep an eye out for Hhean’s full review and tips shortly after the official launch!

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