RIP: Scalebound [Era of the Remake/Sequel]

scalebound is cancelled

It was announced that Scalebound, the Microsoft Xbox One title by Platinum Games that was announced at E3 2014 is no more. Production was officially halted, and Microsoft is going to focus on other titles, such as Halo Wars 2, Crackdown 3, and State of Decay 2. I was a bit disappointed by this. . . more than a little honestly, because I was excited to play a cool-looking character and be accompanied by a gigantic European-style dragon. I had a curious fascination with the title, and as far as I’m aware, it’s never going to be a reality. Microsoft stated there will be some manner of announcement, but as far as I’m concerned, it’s going to probably just be repurposed or something else ridiculous. And I looked at the list of games they mentioned in the press release, and a thought occurred to me: Why do we no longer have faith in new IPs? And don’t get me started, please. “What about Duelyst?! Overwatch is new!!” and yes, it is, but it’s also a Blizzard IP. That carries weight. I mean, look at all the sequels, remakes, remasters that we have right now. How many titles are in the Kingdom Hearts franchise? And how many have a regular number in the title? No decimals, no fractions. Final Fantasy has an absolute slew of remakes, not that I don’t love them. But it seems like we as a people have virtually no faith for new IPs by new companies. And sure, Platinum Games is by no means new, but it would have been groundbreaking. So many potentially great games get no support because it’s not a Blizzard title. Not a Square Enix title. Not a 404 title. Et cetera. If it’s not part seven in a series of games, you may as well just not pay it any mind, and I think that’s more than a little disappointing. Of course, I realize this isn’t 100% the case, and anyone reading this will no doubt find a title I’m ignoring as a “not popular title that is good”, and that’s great! I can too! It’s just that I love remakes as much as the next retro fan. . . But I think we could do better to give new IPs a chance. I don’t know the reason why Scalebound failed, but I’m still a little down by it.

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  • Casey Clark

    Typical Microsoft just like they did with Legends at least though they didnt pull a day break and still try and make money off a failed asset