RIP: Tribes Ascend

Tribes: Ascend Launches Update 1.1 news header

Now, now. Tribes Ascend servers aren’t going offline [at least that I’m aware of], but simply, the last update has happened. Not too long ago HiRez attempted to resurrect interesting in Tribes Ascend. As probably one of the longer-running Tribes games, it still wasn’t wildly popular. Definitely more of a niche’ pick, it was fast-paced and exciting. I never really played Tribes Ascend but I am familiar with Tribes/Tribes 2. The reaction has been pretty mixed about Ascend. Some people insist it’s P2Win and if you don’t agree you’re basically Satan.  Most of what I’ve read is that people have come to terms, and made their peace with the fact that it’s not going to get more content updates. I’ve enjoyed all the stuff I’ve played that was designed by HiRez though, but alas, never really got to Tribes. Though they did have some of the original crew working on it, it’s still not a “HiRez Product”.

At least that I’m aware of. I’m not surprised even a little bit that it is no longer receiving updates, and that’s for a few reasons. Again, it’s not their product, so it’s probably not as high priority as Paladins [now in Open Beta] and SMITE [working towards SWC]. Those are probably their biggest products. Now, does that mean they might not make a new Tribes later? Or focus on another new project? Maybe more Global Agenda? That’d be cool. I don’t think it was a ship that could be steadied. They simply had so much on their plate, that if they wanted everything they’re working on to be gold, they had to make sacrifices. I do think it’s a shame, even if I didn’t really play it, but I would rather see that energy and focus going into what made them big, instead  of trying to draw in a small crowd that might or might not try their other products. That’s just my opinion though. Putting their focus onto SMITE is the right move.

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