RODE Online Announces December Beta Testing and Pizza

RODE Online Announces December Beta Testing and Pizza



Mgame USA is ramping up for its upcoming dragon riding MMORPG, RODE Online. RODE Online takes the feeling of flight to new levels with break neck speed dragon mounts and epic siege battles. The world of RODE is a world separated by two lord dragons, Firean (representing the West) and Azurian (representing the East).



Both nations have four distinct classes; Warrior, Rogue, Cleric, and Mage. Warriors are skillful in using melee weapons like one or two handed swords. Rogues are built for the strength of range attacks using bows. Clerics, on the other hand, cast spell using their books. They use elements of earth and air to both attack and shield themselves during chaos. Lastly, the Mage is a worshiper of the dark side. Mages channel dark energy through various types of crystal orbs.



RODE also features significant mounts throughout the game. These mounts are both crawling and winged creatures made up of 3 different types; Ground, Aerial, and Dragon type.



Other systems include, Castle Siege, Devilo System, Complex Class System, Quests, Auction House, Region War (PvP battling between the two nations), and many more exciting plays.



And of course I didn’t forget the pizza. Grab your OnRPG key code today and get ready for later this month when players can participate in in-game events and drawings to win free pizza coupons and maybe even an iPad2!

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