Rule with an Iron Fish: Now on Steam!

Rule with an Iron Fish

It’s been a while since I’ve seen a fishing RPG hit the market, but now that changes: the Award-winning Rule with an Iron Fish is coming to PC today! It’s a world of ludicrous comedy, grossly inaccurate science, and (probably) most important: A pirate kitty! Even the fishing spots promise comedy, up to and including a volcano! Fish could be hiding anywhere, after all. They are crafty after all. You can acquire it on Steam at this link!

Having won CNET’s Best Mobile Games and Snappzilla’s Games of the Year awards, Rule with an Iron Fish’s Steam debut presents the game in a format fit for PCs, with a perfected UI. This release includes new exclusive fishy content for Steam that introduces new fish, a cat bobber, and more. Grow your farm at home, dredge up pirate spit to upgrade your boat, and fend off attacking Vikings! Fish your way to glory!

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