Rumble Fighter Gears Up with All-New Fight System

Rumble Fighter Gears Up for 5th Anniversary With All-New Fight System


Rumble Fighter


OGPlanet, a leading free-to-play MMO publisher, announced today that they will kick off Rumble Fighter‘s fifth year anniversary in North America by implementing the all-new Rune Book system that will significantly impact gameplay by offering players a multitude of new ways to customize their abilities.



Rumble Fighter is a long-standing, fan-favorite, MMO fighting game that focuses on player customization, from hair-styles, to fight-styles. With the newly-integrated Rune Book system, players can earn runes in a variety of ways, by taking on seven other players in combat, or teaming up arcade-style to take down huge bosses. Runes earned can be used to invoke blessings which have a variety of effects, such as increasing a player’s strength or speed. This feature allows players to further fine-tune their character to fit their individual play-styles.



This feature will arrive just as Rumble Fighter approaches its fifth anniversary of service in North America. Fifth anniversary celebrations will include community events and contests, with a wide variety prizes up for grabs.



Alongside the release of the Rune Book system in celebration of Rumble Fighter’s five years of release in North America, OGPlanet will also include community events and contests, with a variety of prizes available to amp up the excitement.

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