Runes of Magic announces Raid Dungeons!

With the launch of the second chapter of Runes of Magic, the gates of raid dungeon ‘Hall of Survivors’ will open to allow access into its subterranean workshops.  There, groups of up to 12 brave adventurers at a time can encounter the powerful Golems.
Once created by the hands of man, the Guardians soon turned against their creators. After suffering heavy losses, the people of Taborea banded together to turn back the Golems. Their workshops were forgotten, but in the deepest depths, the ancient creatures survived. Gathered around their leader ‘Protector Andaphelmor’, countless Guardians watch over their long forgotten treasures within ruins destroyed by lava flows.

The new raid dungeon in the bowels of the earth will demand much of players. Only the most exceptionally experienced and equipped 12-person raid parties should venture into the ‘Hall of Survivors’. Only these groups will be able to carry out the demanding tactical combat required to go up against eight bosses in total. Equipped with powerful abilities, each of the eight bosses can dispatch unprepared adventurers within seconds.
A sneak peek of the new raid dungeon, ‘Hall of Survivors’ which is launching with ‘The Elven Prophecy’ on September 15th can be seen right here on OnRPG!

Runes of Magic

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