Runes of Magic: Battle For Mystery Raid Challenge

A new challenge arises in Runes of Magic. From today with ‘Battle for Mystery‘ a truly epic encounter awaits players in the high level area of the fantasy online role-play game.
This encounter follows the concept of the Daily Quests – tasks that are only accessible once a day – requiring a challenging battle with a world boss. The daily quest leads players out of the ‘Harf trading post’ to the ‘Mystical Altar’, a location up in the Ystra Highlands. This is where they have to overcome the sinister magician Samoge. In the course of the battle, two gigantic stone statues in the form of minotaurs are awakened and brought to life. However, the player ought not to wage the ‘Battle for Mystery’ on their own: nothing less than a combat troop of up to 36 players with a level of at least 45 are needed to bring Samoge to his knees. They will also be supported by envoys from the NPC faction ‘The Eye of Wisdom’ who have also placed a price on the magician’s head.
Considerable valuable rewards beckon to the raiding party in the event of a victory over the world boss Samoge and his enlivened helpers. Together with epic quality weapons and armaments, players will also bag rare scrolls to help them with rune interpretation which could also help them in increasing the value of their equipment.
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