Runes of Magic Chapter II

Frogster today revealed a new map outlining the areas from the forthcoming Runes of Magic “Chapter II – The Elven Prophecy”. The new areas are part of the game’s first free content expansion, which the company is calling chapters, which also feature new quests, items, storylines and epic encounters. More than 1.5 million registered players will gain access to Chapter II’s content this August and September as the Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) continues to redefine the standard for free-to-play games.
The first territory that players will travel through is the already announced ‘Weeping Coast’ in north east Taborea. The ‘Savage Lands’ territory lies further to the west. The region is surrounded by a vast rainforest which serves as the home of the Elves. Their settlements lie at a dizzying height in the tops of the huge trees. But the Naga have also established themselves in several small supply outposts in the ‘Savage Lands,’ from where they plan their attacks on the Elves.
It’s hot in the far northwest of the continent. The ‘Aotulia Volcano’ is a massive volcano and also gives its name to the region. An ash-filled sky awaits players who venture into the shadows of the fire spewing mountain. In ancient lore, the mountain, which has been spewing fire and lava for 150 years, was also called ‘Claw of the Demon Dragon,’ hinting at a well-protected secret lying deep within the ‘Aotulia Volcano.’
A more peaceful place is the Elven Island, which is located far to the east off the coast of Taborea. It serves as a place for education of the young Elves. This is where they not only refine their combat skills, but also make diplomatic connections with humankind on the mainland. With the incorporation of the Elves as a playable race, adventurers will be able to set foot on the island for the very first time and in the new race’s starting territory, learn all that is required for a successful career as a hero.
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